As a Reiki practitioner, and human, we encounter many people, including ourselves, with unresolved and suppressed emotions, being over-emotional and absorbing others emotions.  

As a holistic being, emotions are one of the benefits of being human.  Just as emotions, food is ingested, nutrients absorbed by the organs and waste expelled in a healthy balance.  Emotions are felt by the body through our senses, acknowledged by the body and mind and processed through awareness.  However through conditioning, discomfort with an emotion, the link can get disconnected and “lost in translation.”  Emotions create a reaction within our system and without the acknowledgment do not get processed and just like undigested food becomes a toxin stored in the body,...

We may often times feel guilty to indulge, pamper or have some “me” time.  But deep down we know that if we just take some time to shut off all external responsibility (e.g. mobiles, family, work).  If only we designated an hour a day to inner peace imagine how much more relaxed or more efficient for our loved ones or even our work we can be.

Living in a Buddhist society, in times of trendy spiritual seeking and Facebook posts we are reminded all of the time of a need to be more compassionate.  What does this really mean and how can we incorporate it into our daily lives?  Dalai Lama XIV quotes, “Compassion is the wish to see others free from suffering,” and that it, “…naturally creates a positive atmosphere, and as a result you feel peacefu...

Have you ever exclaimed while grasping your hair, “Why does this keep happening to me?!”   Probably all of us have at a point in our life thought or even said it aloud to others.  Then we brush it aside with “life is a bitch” attitude (avoid), wallow in self-pity (repeat) or become aware of the pattern and do something about it (change).

We are all born with DNA, or blueprints from our ancestors, which make up our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.  Like a microchip that holds information, we can at times seem more like a robot running on autopilot.  But does this mean we have no control?  So often I have heard, “It runs in my family,” from depression to cancer.  Yes it is true that the traits we share with our ancestors make us...

Anti-aging, a funny word if you really think about it.  To be “against” aging when it is a natural process of life seems to create more stress through fighting it.  What if we were to embrace it fully, to view getting older as a beautiful process instead of an ugly one.  Maybe by seeing the beauty we will BEcome more beautiful with time because it is simple…stress ages us faster.  It is a chance worth taking, no?

We are bombarded by marketing and media campaigns about anti-oxidant creams, food, drink, supplements, etc.  These are products and material objects that take the responsibility outside of our selves.  The oxidation process is responsible for cell turnover.  Cells are renewed through respiration and aspiration.  By speedin...

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