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Chakra Gem Elixir


Crown Chakra:  Crystal Quartz w/Frankincense & Lavender

Open to your higher self, lift your vibration to the ONEness of Divine Source, calms the nervous system and creates stillness in the mind


Third Eye:  Amethyst w/Lavender & Lemon

Increases intuition, clairvoyance, balance pituitary gland and eases tension headaches/migraines


Throat Chakra:  Sodalite w/Bergamot and Tea Tree

Speak your truth, express yourself freely, open heart communication and balance thryroid


Heart Chakra:  Peridot w/Benzoin & Cinnamon

Unconditional love, give/receive love in balance, self-love and soothe a broken heart


Solar Plexus:  Citrine w/Fennel & Orange

Self-confidence, empowerment, forgiveness, increase digestive fire


Navel Charka:  Carnelian w/Nutmeg & Vanilla

Creativity, sexuality, self-worth, gratitude, ignite inner passion and allow oneself to feel the emotions


Root Chakra:  Red Jasper w/Patchouli & Vetiver

Grounding, safety, security, meeting your needs and balance sex hormones (estrogen/testosterone)  

Rub the oil on prospective chakra (crown, third eye, throat, heart, below rib cage, inside navel, coccyx area), behind the ears, neck, wrists, in the mid-section of the bottom of feet.  


You can use all the oils at different times as needed because chakras are affected by our constantly changing current state.   I do not recommend using more than two at a time.  You can use one in the morning and another before sleeping (particurlarly on soles of feet).  The point is to use your sense of smell and intution to guide you to your own needs.  You are welcome to universoulhealing@yahoo.com with questions!