Anti-aging, a funny word if you really think about it. To be “against” aging when it is a natural process of life seems to create more stress through fighting it. What if we were to embrace it fully, to view getting older as a beautiful process instead of an ugly one. Maybe by seeing the beauty we will BEcome more beautiful with time because it is simple…stress ages us faster. It is a chance worth taking, no?

We are bombarded by marketing and media campaigns about anti-oxidant creams, food, drink, supplements, etc. These are products and material objects that take the responsibility outside of our selves. The oxidation process is responsible for cell turnover. Cells are renewed through respiration and aspiration. By speeding up this process, one can safely say it also creates a quickening of the aging process. How does one slow down this process internally? Slow down the breath. When one is stressed, they tend to breath shallow. While inhaling deeply into one’s abdomen and filling the entire lung capacity with air, the body is fed with lovely oxygen which is necessary to fill all of our organs and keep our bodies functioning at its optimal performance. If the organs are not fully functioning properly, they begin to be stressed leading to tight shoulders or feeling low in energy. Our bodies are so amazing they give us the signs before the body becomes ill. When we begin to listen to them, we can possibly prevent having to go to the doctor in the long run. Meditation is a great tool to learn how to breath more deeply while getting in tune with ones body and calming the mind.

Meditation, among many other types of holistic treatments, is geared towards healing the emotional, mental and spiritual as well as physical components of the body. Although always active and fit growing up, I discovered yoga about 20 years ago. I tapped into something much deeper than just improving my physical flexibility and strength but it made me feel more grounded, centered & balanced mentally. From being a sensitive, emotional child, I can say that looking back I have changed dramatically and this is normal as what others may say comes with age. But I feel physically and emotionally healthier than I did when I was in my roaring 20’s and I can accredit this to the years of spiritual work and learning through Reiki, holistic massage, Ayurveda, aromatherapy and yoga. I have found yoga to be a great way to shut down the internal mental chatter to actually feel and understand my body better. Not only do you achieve physical flexibility but also mentally.

I have heard people say to me, “Wow, you don’t look 40,” or whichever age I happened to be at the time. What does 40 really look like? I look around me at others who work with energy, or some form of holistic therapy, and see so many examples of being ageless. Especially with Reiki, it is almost as if people slow down the aging process dramatically, as they learn to heal themselves. This is no miracle! This is common sense when one finds their true heart’s purpose, follows it and serves others, practices forgiveness, cries the years of repressed tears and anger, laughs at ones own foibles, does not absorb others emotions, opens the heart to compassion and last but not least do, say and speak that which resonates truly from ones heart as opposed to the ego, or mind.

This takes work. No magic pill, injection, water or food will make you reach this state without a bit of pure intention. In other words, it is not for the sheer belief that you will look younger but because you will FEEL younger. This is what I witnessed at a recent aromatherapy convention. I was looking at this beautiful, sexy, 70 year old Goddess Grandmother in a bright green form-fitting dress whom travels the globe, educating others about the healing art of aromatherapy healing. She glows from the inside out and everybody can see it AND feel it. I said to my self, “Wow! She looks great!”

#Ageless #Goddess