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For Goodness Sake, BE emotional

As a Reiki practitioner, and human, we encounter many people, including ourselves, with unresolved and suppressed emotions, being over-emotional and absorbing others emotions.

As a holistic being, emotions are one of the benefits of being human. Just as emotions, food is ingested, nutrients absorbed by the organs and waste expelled in a healthy balance. Emotions are felt by the body through our senses, acknowledged by the body and mind and processed through awareness. However through conditioning, discomfort with an emotion, the link can get disconnected and “lost in translation.” Emotions create a reaction within our system and without the acknowledgment do not get processed and just like undigested food becomes a toxin stored in the body, or particular organ. How does one acknowledge an emotion? For example: “Hi sadness, I feel you (breathe and feel it). I am sad because …. I acknowledge your passing through. Thank you for your visit. I feel you and I release you for my highest benefit.” Breathe it out. Love the sadness for what it teaches. By feeling it is weak to be sad, or for whatever reason, you prevent yourself from truly experiencing life and your natural expression in it. Be emotional and allow yourself to feel. One cannot think about a feeling. One has to feel a feeling. This is one important aspect in manifesting (to be continued in another article).

How many of us have heard the statement, “Oh, you are being over-emotional, too sensitive,” as if it’s a “bad” thing to have emotions and to express them. Emotions are not gender-based; they are simply part of our human experience. To deny your emotional body is to deny the whole body (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) because they cannot exist without the others. In our society, emotions are relegated to being a ‘woman thing’ due to collective conditioning; many belief systems have created this as a truth. Feelings can be male (yang) or female (yin) in nature. Intuition, or sensing, is a female aspect (yin/Shakti) that resides in both men and women.. To feel emotions helps us to understand, or relate to, how others feel. The tricky part however as undigested emotions can be confused for the intuition, or gut feeling. How to distinguish between a “feeling” and our sixth-sense? Ask in deep breathing if this is fear-based, from ego, or love-based, from divine source. This is why we continue to heal ourselves and acknowledge our emotions during Reiki sessions. When we surrender to source, our emotions are not in control of our action or thoughts; they are simply a tool to aid in our human development.

A friend once asked me why are we so sensitive. As an empath, we can feel the emotions of others naturally. Quoted by another friend, “One cannot learn to be a good sailor in peaceful seas.” As a child to young adult being sensitive to others feelings, and thoughts, I was not aware that I was also absorbing them. Again without acknowledging, or awareness, they got stored and became toxic in my body. Years of this toxic build-up erupted into skin allergies and emotional outbursts. I have since learned there is difference between compassion and taking others emotions as your own (via reacting or pity). Through Reiki, I learned how my emotions, and others emotions, were controlling me. I have since learned to embrace feeling emotions as a gift. So when somebody says, “You are being too emotional,” you can laugh at yourself because maybe it is true and you can give thanks to the reminder of bringing awareness to your emotional state at that time.

At times our egos like to judge our own emotions as being “bad” or "good." Emotions come and go if we surrender to the flow of life. By reacting to another’s anger, or fear, with the same emotion only creates more of that emotion and this is also where we become vulnerable to absorbing the other's emotions. It takes practice with breath and intention to observe emotions without judgment and with understanding you can transform fear-based emotions to love. For goodness sake, be emotional.

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