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Fortune Telling OR Free Will?

Tarot cards have been used as a divination tool since the 15th century while divination tools have been used since the beginning of time. Tarot conveys the Soul's journey through life’s cycles in the 22 Major Arcana cards. The 56 Minor Arcana cards depict the direction of the seeker. Mystery, or Arcana, is what draws people, scares people or creates disbelievers.

Tarot cards have picked up in popularity through YouTube over the last few years but particularly popular in Thailand, as people like to know what the future holds. In my experience, I feel we create our future versus our future is written fully in the stars. However, what I DO feel is our Soul does have a particular journey (Major Arcana) it chose here on Earth and with free will (Minor Arcana) our journey could take different directions. There is no wrong or right choice, but a choice, and the cards can indicate quite accurately the outcomes of those different choices. With this belief the future is dependent on what one chooses currently and can always change. At times if one follows ego (lust, greed, power, fame, fear) we may learn how to get back on our true Soul’s journey. What is our true Soul path and evolutionary journey? This is where the cards become very interesting. Following ego, or subconscious, can create suffering/challenge while following our Higher Consciousness, a balance of heart and mind, can lead to peace, prosperity and feels really good.

One thing I feel that can create confusion or fear for readers and seekers is how one intends to get the information. Where is the information coming from? To whom are you asking questions? I use the intention to ask our Higher Consciousness and Soul to read our own cards, or connect to the Higher Consciousness and Soul of the Seeker. This is where readers may vary. Some choose to connect to beings from different dimensions to get answers. In my experience, unless a reader distinguishes what entities to ask, they can connect to beings that can see the past giving accurate readings to gain trust but can also give unreliable answers and manipulate answers for the future which has yet to be determined by choice. This can create dependency on readers, create fear and disempower the seeker. I intend Tarot cards to inspire others that YOU are the creator of your future by what you choose now. Quite often we are driven by our subconscious mind so the cards can be a great way to bring that to the conscious surface which in turn can help the seeker choose wisely, gain clarity, answer questions and offer healing. Most of all, it is fun and can confirm what you already know intuitively!

I do not judge what readers or seekers choose, but I choose to educate and whether one resonates with the information or not is a choice too. If you have a choice between fear and love, what path will you choose? However, asking questions about our future outcomes can stem from a fear of the unknown but with intention, can bring us back to our Heart, Higher Consciousness & Soul bringing peace to the seeker knowing they can choose a “path of least resistance,” as Abraham Hicks says. It is our free will to surrender to it.

~Katherina Leili Dreith

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