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Hello, thank you for visiting my website.  I was born in Bangkok to a Thai mother and American father whose aeronautical skills allowed us to live in places such as Laos, Singapore, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Las Vegas and Kentucky.  Our travels took us all over the globe by the time I was 18 exposing me to various languages and cultures.  Comfort in various surroundings and a desire to be immersed in diversity feeds my spirit. In the year 2000 I was happily awarded a Bachelor's Degree in International Business at San Francisco State University culminating years of hard work and dedication. Wanting to manifest my childhood dream as a jet-setting business woman, I found myself sitting in offices and retail establishments in the beautiful peninsula of San Francisco.  Feeling unfulfilled in the concept of working to live, I left to embark on a new journey to explore a life of more purpose.


In 2001 I accepted my parents offer to study at Chiva-Som Academy in Bangkok for six months and years to follow I immersed myself in the Journey of Holistic Therapies: Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Lymphatic Drainage, Foot Reflexology, Thai Massage, Reiki and Shiatsu. The bliss and joy that emerged from my studies offered me more clarity in life, allowing my path to unfold before me. I then returned to San Francisco to work at a Dialysis Clinic that gave me deeper understanding of the cycle of life and death.  During this time, my passion for Ayurveda flourished as an Ayurvedic apprentice in Berkeley, CA.  A love for the Art of Aromatherapy blossomed while working at Pier 39 blending perfumes and elixirs for customers.  Blending this art with the knowledge of Ayurveda I began to utilize nature's medicine with massage therapy to cater to the unique personal needs to further promote holistic healing. In 1999 an illness spurred a Kundalini awakening and studying Ayurveda and Tantra Buddhism with a teacher of the Saraswati lineage (2002-2010), embracing Universal Shakti.

Blending a passion for Holistic Health and International Business manifested upon moving back to Bangkok and  working for an International Thai company as a Spa Director in 2007.  Traversing much of Asia, Europe and Russia training Holistic Treatments and Spa Management, much knowledge was acquired of the international market tastes, consumer behavior and cultural implications of management practices.  In 2011, I followed my soul's calling and became a Reiki Teacher and took the big leap towards guiding others to heal themselves as a Holistic Therapist, Teacher and Consultant. 


I have been blessed to offer my services at the Wonderfruit Festival in 2014, 2015, 2017  & 2018 while recently fulfilling my dream of a 200Hr. Yoga Teacher Certification in Rishikesh, India (Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala 1/2018).

I am an Indigo Intuitive Empath and very passionate to empower others to claim their sovereignty, shine light on our shadows and align with Supreme Source & Gaia. May all beings be in peace....Om Shanti Om



Universoul Therapy

Hands-on channeling of Supreme Source, Gaia, the Higher Self, Soul & Oversoul to release soul contracts, traumatic timelines, retrieve fragments of the soul, release hooks, chords, implants & energetic attachments. Align body, mind, emotion and soul to a state of harmony; release subconscious programming to align with conscious desires and your Soul's path.

Trauma & unresolved emotional release

Kundalini Awakening

Ascension 5D+ 

Balance Feminine & Masculine

Sacred Union

Akashic records 

Hormonal Balance

Align the heart to give/receive in balance

Increase life-force energy

Forgiveness & Gratitude

Past-life issues

Release sub-conscious programming

Sexual issues, abuse, guilt

Grief, loss, lack of motivation and life purpose

Transmute black magic, entities, AI, chords & implants

3000 Baht/111 USD

3500 Baht after 6PM & Saturday

2 hours w/consultation (includes 5 card reading)


Distant Universoul Therapy

Voice Report with 5-card Soul Reading: Life-force energy will be sent remotely to balance the chakra system and body & mind. (refer to Universoul Therapy)

 99 USD (Paypal katarious@yahoo.com)

Universoul Card Channeling

Deeply healing, oracle & tarot card reading to connect with your Soul & Source messages to realign your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Will answer questions and release emotional/mental blockages through energetic healing.

On-line reading  55 USD/hour

1 Hour 1500 Baht + 500B/30min

Akashic Reading w/Energy Clearing

Voice Report/Live reading with up to 5 questions: Past-life, family karma, soulmates, present issues, source energy will be sent remotely to balance body, mind, emotion and soul by releasing sub-conscious programs & suppressed emotions.

 1500B/55 USD (Paypal katarious@yahoo.com)



My intention is to guide others in uniting the inner Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine through self-mastery of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.  Guided by Source and your higher consciousness to create alignment, endocrine balance, conscious expansion through kundalini activations, breathing, meditation, self-clearing, grounding, Akashic records, yoga, visualization, sub-conscious fears, trauma, integrity, authenticity, self-love, forgiveness, ancestral karmic clearing, sovereignty, Sacred Sexuality, lust/ego & accountability. Initiation of the Kundalini will purify the feminine, masculine & central channel merging God & Goddess within resulting in vitality, regeneration, balance, joy, passion and creativity. Ascension of 3D to 5D + above.

 55USD/1500B/Hour Online Consultation

175USD/5000B Module (5hours)

Cacao Soul Journey

Expand your heart with the exquisite superfood of Mother Earth, raw and pure ceremonial-grade cacao. I will guide the individual, or group, on an exploration to deeper levels of the higher consciousness, conscious and sub-conscious mind. We will ground our heart to Gaia & the Cosmos as I hold space for a deeply healing and safe astral journey. 

Min. 1000B/1 hr. Session

Price varies depending on cost & duration



Usui Reiki 1

Reiki is a hands-on healing technique which expands the chakras and aura. One day of theory, one day of hands-on practice and 4 attunements. Participants will be able perform a Reiki treatment on themselves and on others

2 Days   9,000 Baht w/certificate

300 USD

Usui Reiki 2

The intensity of the energy available to a level 2 practitioner doubles and continues

to increase as one continues to channel

for self & others. Distance healing for recipients and purifying the energy in objects and areas. One day of theory and one day of practice with 4 attunements  

2 Days   15,000 Baht w/certificate

500 USD

Usui Reiki 3

Reiki Master level prepares you to become a professional Reiki practitioner, confidently perform full treatment with energetic exchange, or payment.  Theory, practice and 4 attunements

2 Days    24,000 Baht w/certificate

800 USD


Usui Reiki 4

Share this gift with others and take the

step in becoming a Professional Reiki Teacher/guide. The symbols for passing attunements are shared for you to teach your first student.  7 treatments in 3 days  and 2 days for teaching Reiki 1

5 Days     54,000Baht w/certificate

1800 USD


UniverSoul Yoga

Private or group lessons blending traditions from Hatha, Vinyasa & Tantra through asana, pranayama, meditation & yoga nidra to create balance in body & mind. Learn how to master & purify your body, calm the mind, balance emotions and ground your energy with Mother Earth(Gaia).

90Min  1000B Private

          2000B 8ppl. 


Meditation Workshop

One-on-one or groups will learn the

basics of breathing and grounding.  Guided meditation to balance the chakras and connect to your higher self & Supreme Source, create more balance and inner harmony.

1 Hour      By Donation


Sacred Union Workshop

Individuals and couples will learn the foundations of cultivating sexual energy & creativity, heal the body & create more intimate relationships with your self and/or your partner.

3 Hours    3500B/150USD

Online 111 USD

*Sacred-Union Self-Mastery*

25USD/module (Coming Soon)* 

Crystal Healing

Theory and practice for those drawn to crystals & pendulums.  Your inner guidance may be leading you to utilize the magic of Mother Earth.  Learn the following:  How Crystals are Formed, How They Work, Shapes and Types, Cleansing,

 Charging, Programming, Healing with Crystals (Ayurvedic Chakra & Jewelry, Meditation, Treatment Lay-out and how to use crystals & pendulums during energy sessions)

5 Hours    4000B  incl. Crystal & Certificate


Tarot & Oracle Card Reading

You will learn the basics of Tarot & Oracle Card Readings.  You will tap into your intuition and soul's messages through the cards for your self and others.

5 Hours    4500B

                    150 USD 

3, 6 & 9-Day Customized Retreat

Private or group retreats customized to your needs: Detox, Balance, Vitality, Sexual Alchemy etc. in Bangkok. 

Price depends on your needs


Spa Consulting

Knowledge and experience to provide quality service in many aspects to create a thriving spa establishment.  Business can be successful by being spiritual, honest and authentic.

I want to help educate others to create a more healthy and happy world.

Long-term consultation or a-la-carte services depending on your needs and budget. Below are some of the services:

 Holistic Health Programs

Improve Current Spa Programs

Setup of New Spa
Standard Operating Procedures
Spa Management Development

Spa Management Training
Brand Concept / Spa Menu
Treatment Training and Development
Thai Staff Recruitment
Sales and Marketing Planning

Product Development




Holistic Consulting


I studied Reiki with Katherina, all the way through Master level. She is a wonderful and caring teacher, a guide and a friend who connects with her students at the heart level. Her dedication, patience and interest in serving her students is remarkable.

I find working with Katherina energising and uplifting. She is humble and compassionate. I feel honoured and at the same time blessed and grateful that

I have met Katherina on my path, and that she has chosen to become not

only my teacher but also a friend.

- Edyta Peszko,

Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner and Reiki Master

Kat has been an essential guide, and

key in opening my awareness and connection to life energy. Training with Kat, provided the environment and tools for my energetic homecoming to be fulfilled. She creates a safe space for you to feel open enough to share yourself, explore themes, and trust the journey. You really feel like your big sister is finally sharing this amazing secret she has been waiting to tell you about for years. She completely has the place of mentor in my life and I know I have the security of being able to call on her whenever I have questions or need assistance.

- Ricky Morant,

Reiki Master Level 3

I studied Reiki 7 years ago but never practiced it. From a fear of my own spiritual path, I went to Katherina for a Reiki healing session. She has helped me so much in clearing my fear.  She is very intuitive and a kind, loving approach. She gave me a comfortable space that I feel totally safe to learn and share with her. The Reiki review has improved my awareness to be a better version of myself. Importantly with Katherina's presence, she is a great mentor and a friend. I am a completely different person with significant changes in my life. She has led me to an amazing journey in my life who I truly am now.

- Sylvia,

Reiki Master Level 3


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